Salted Cathedral

Zipaquirá – small town situated one hour from Bogotá has a pretty great place worth seeing. Cathedral de Sal is a huge cathedral made of salt (kind of make sense :D) built under the ground. Guide told us that tour takes approx. an hour, well we spent there almost three times more! Once you are […]


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Rehearsal for a Labor Day

1st May, International Workers’ Day. Some celebrate it by building a wooden stick  decorated with colorful ribbons in the middle of a square. Some may organize demonstrations and parade through the city and about other ways I do not even know. Here in Colombia, people prefer to be absolutely ready for the day D and start […]

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On our feet (photos)

This probably ex-hospital has not been payed much attention recently. Santa Fe’s birthday party. They let the whole centre know about their celebration. With the petards, screaming, smoke and supportive posters they occupied the whole square. Santa Fe is one of the biggest football clubs in Bogota. Its fans are very proud of the team, […]

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I am pretty sure the life has prepared for me the whole variety of  obstacles to go through, during my three months stay in Bogota. Really. For example, two days ago we had a small earthquake here. We were sitting in an office when my colleagues sayed: “Could you feel it? It feels like if shaking.” I […]

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We are in the bus, it is safe!

We sat down and pequeňo meant to calm me down with these words. I don’t know, still I was pretty scared… On Sunday Morning we woke up earlier to make a little trip to Monserrate’s neighboring mountain – so-called Guadalupe. Actually, as I found out later, nobody really knows about this place (don’t know why, […]

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We stopped in a shop. With my broken Spanish I asked for Chocoramo and seller was really kind, like almost everybody here, so far (knock, knock, knock). When we were leaving the place, several customers who were enjoying their beers wished me to have a good evening. On the way home, pequeño started mourning: pequeño: […]

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Sunday morning tourists

15.2 We went for a walk in the local neighborhood in the south of Bogota. Here is a quick overview of what we saw 🙂 Streets of South Bogota 🙂 Local markets. Loud music within every stand. Lets get away quickly. Just a regular Mass with a mass of people. The church looked pretty nice though. […]

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Childlike Innocence

On the way home we walked through a playground, when a bunch of kids caught us up. I was taking pictures and they appeared so suddenly that for a moment I was thinking they might be a “kid mafia” and rob us. But then they started this cute questioning: Where are you from? Do you […]

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Birthday party & Simon Bolivar

You remember the place where we spent Friday night? Improvised bar in a basement. So, for Saturday evening we moved to the second floor of that house for a birthday party of pequeño’s friend’s father. A bit complicated for the introduction, however it is not as important as what the party actually looked like… It was […]

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Stunning View Of Bogota

The week-days always pass so fast. I am only afraid my staying in Bogota will become a routine soon. From  Monday to Friday I spend almost entire time at work (I will write about agency soon). Hence only Saturday and Sunday are the only days when I have time to explore bogotian corners and enjoy moments […]

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